Springfield Monument was founded by Lester V. Evans in 1947.

Lester had a son, who grew up helping his Dad in the monument shop and in the mid 70's ownership was handed down to Roland. Roland and his wife, Wilma, ran the monument shop for the next two decades bringing with them modern sandblasting equipment and the introduction of the computerized drafting system, which was a huge step in being able to create unique designs. Roland and Wilma's daughter Rosa began working at the monument shop her senior year of school and helped out summers while going to college and then full-time. In 2002 Roland asked Rosa's husband, Jim, if he had an interest in learning the monument shop as he felt it was getting time to retire. So the agreement was Jim would give it a try for a year and see if he liked the work. Well, "Jim is a natural" as Roland would put it. There is nothing Jim isn't willing to try when it comes to granite work. Roland who studied in Barre Vermont (granite capital) taught Jim all the work behind crafting memorials. To this day we still get "supervisory" visits from good ole' Dad!

I am proud to say that we are the Third Generation! Our business isn't about the paycheck it's about the lives we touch and the memories we help to preserve.